Is an important man in your life about to celebrate his birthday? Are you looking for a gift for your dad, brother, friend, or significant other? Do you want to give him something small or big, simple or grand?  We assume you already read our holiday gift guide for the men in your life. If nothing there is appealing then this short guide will help you choose a unique and timely gift for the different types of men in your life!

For the Chill-at-Home Kind of Guy: Headphones with a Stand and Mini Fridge

Men who chill at home are usually into music or games, so you can never go wrong with a good pair of headphones as a gift for one such person. He will surely appreciate the gesture showing that you care about his hobbies. Some stores now also offer customization options, like changing the color or even printing a name or a monogram on the headphones. You can also throw in a good headphone stand to complete the package!

Another gift option if you have the budget is a mini fridge for his man-cave. That way, he and his friends can just chill in there with their drinks. He won’t need to make the trip from this space to the kitchen at all because he can just store all the beverages he’ll ever need in his own personal fridge.

For the Go-Getter & Fast-Paced Guy: Antimicrobial Socks and Insulated Water Bottle

Men’s antimicrobial socks are another gift that will likely see plenty of use. In fact, these socks can keep his feet healthy and odor-free for longer because the antimicrobial properties imbued into the fabric will prevent microorganisms from thriving on the textile These socks are perfect for use at work, on the court, and even the outdoors. Because they need hydration more than ever for their busy lifestyle, another good gift for active men is an insulated water bottle. These now come in a variety of colors and finishes so you will have no problem picking out the perfect one that suits the person you are giving it to.

For the Lowkey Sentimental and Sappy Guy: Personalized Lamps and Instant Camera

Personalized lamps are gaining attention on platforms like Instagram, and for good reason. This gift lets you immortalize any memory by turning a photograph into a lighted illustration of the subjects. It allows the person to relive that moment anytime they plug it in, so it is a perfect anniversary gift for your significant other.

A Polaroid-style instant camera is also a great gift for the men in your life who love to capture moments in an instant. It is especially great for when there are big life events and they just need to take photos to keep as memories!

For the One Who Likes Excursions: Travel Bag, Dash Cam, and Invisible Camera Stick

Men who love traveling know the importance of a trusty bag. Get them a travel bag that is big enough to hold all they might need and can be converted from one type to another for convenience of carrying. For men who love road trips, dash cams are another unusual yet useful gift. It can record views of the roads they’ll be traversing, so the drives can become a part of their recorded memories. If he likes bicycling or motorcycling instead, consider getting him a camera with an invisible stick, which will make it appear like he’s being followed by a drone!

For the Man Who Likes to Learn: Access to Online Courses and a Clip-on Book Light

With the connection we share over the internet, the quest for learning has never been easier. Many well-known sites offer classes on a wide range of topics. If you are not sure which subject or course to enroll the person to, some of these websites offer gift cards that you can give your guy so he can just subscribe to whatever he wants to learn. It is a great option for men who have an inquisitive nature about anything and everything!

For men who like to learn the more traditional way by reading books during their downtime or before bed, a clip-on book light may appear like a small item, but it will surely be a big hit. Try to find one whose battery can be charged for a more sustainable gift.

For the Man Who Loves Physical Activity: Workout Clothes and a Fitness Smartwatch

These are your friends or members of your family who practically live in the gym or the court. Getting them gift cards to buy a nice pair of workout clothes is a good way to encourage their habit to stay fit and healthy. Workout clothes come in various designs and fabric types, so giving gift cards gives them room to choose their preferred products.

Various companies also manufacture smartwatches that are linked to phone apps that can record users’ fitness activities and track their progress toward their goals. This will help your guy stay on track and monitor his journey to a healthier version of himself.

This list was meant to give you some ideas of gifts to give for every kind of man in your life. But at the end of the day, regardless of which one you pick, the gifts you give will highlight your generosity, which will be appreciated for sure. Go ahead—choose from one of these gifts that will surely make their day!

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