Although its not a Monday, it certainly feels like one and we are going to keep with our content format to provide healthy lifestyle information at the beginning of the week.  After a holiday weekend of eating & drinking, we all overextended our palate and liver and most likely our conscience. Its important to get your body back on the right path.  This will also greatly benefit your mind, and prevent you from spiraling out of control right into the holiday season – a bad combination.

You don’t have to run 5 or 10 miles today, or hit the gym for a 3 hour session.  There are some super simple things that you can do to detox and cleanse your system the days following a big weekend. Here are a few.

Drink Fruit & Vegetable Juice – Your body needs to rid itself of all the man-made ingredients it digested all weekend.  Load up on Naked juice for the week.  Have one in the morning and if you can have one at night for dinner that’s a bonus.  Eating a diet of predominantly fruit & veggies and foregoing dinner the first night after a weekend is a good idea.  Eat soup for dinner if you must.  Your body will start to detox and cleanse much quicker without having to digest a meal eaten at 8 pm.  This is an essential first step to recovery and starting to detox and cleanse your body.

Walk & Sleep – If you are not ready for your normal workout because you are exhausted from the weekend, Try to go for a 30 minute walk each morning before you start your day.  This wakes up your metabolism and starts to get your body back on a normal sleep schedule.  Sleeping is also important try to get 8 hours in each night and get out of bed early enough to start your walk or run.  This will also allow you to get to sleep at an earlier time.

With all the toxins built up from a holiday weekend we need to flush them out.  In addition, the dehydrating effect of consuming alcoholic drinks and lack of water consumption has taken a toll after 3 days.  Drink at least 2 liters of water per day for the next 5 days.

You most likely need to replenish your system with essential vitamins and minerals that were completely absent from your diet this weekend.  Get back on track taking your supplements, they will make you less susceptible to illness, accelerate the detox process and get your brain more sharp.

Veggies, Proteins and Grains – Whole grains, green veggies & proteins are essential to load up on following your holiday binge.  Try very hard not to eat anything man-made, stick to fish, broccoli, oatmeal.  Avoid eating at any restaurants and if you must (because of work or family engagements), order off the menu – steamed veggies, brown rice and a piece of salmon.  

There you have it.  You don’t have to pound the pavement like Rocky Balboa for 2 hour runs each morning, or hit the gym like The Rock tuning up for a new movie.   Just start the process, immediately that is what is important.


Thanks For Reading!

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