When you’re trying to pin down the perfect gift for your recipient, there are many avenues you can take. You could opt for an experience, something edible or something luxurious you know they would never buy for themselves. But when you can’t decide, we think the best route to take is to go for versatile presents that serve multiple purposes. That way, you know they’ll find a use for it no matter what!

 1) For the Active Type: Some Hybrid Swimwear – These days, the trendiest swimwear doesn’t look like swimwear at all. For example, you’ll find ultra-versatile men’s swim trunks with flat waist bands and pockets, which make them look like regular shorts. These are perfect for guys who love to hit the beach and then go out for drinks afterward. Make sure to choose sustainable swimwear so you feel good about your gift-giving impact.


2) For the MacGyver: A High-Quality Multitool – Is there any gift more versatile than a multitool? This is one staple everyone should own regardless of gender or lifestyle. Pick one that’s built to last and has a ton of awesome tools — multiple knife blades, scissors, a saw, a bottle opener, screwdrivers, etc. — and make sure to go with a trusted, reliable brand so you know your recipient will keep it for a lifetime. Some of the best multitool makers include Leatherman, Victorinox (Swiss Army) and SOG, but there are tons of quality makers out there for your consideration.


3) For the Beach Bum: A Beach Towel Blanket – If you’ve got a recipient who loves to spend time outdoors at the park, amphitheater lawn, beach or baseball field, give the gift of a large beach towel blanket. These are made from soft, quick-drying materials that feel like a towel but are oversized enough that they can provide a perfect base for lounging, snacking or enjoying a full-blown picnic. Pick one that rolls up nicely and includes handles to make it easier to carry around.


4) For the Stylish Minimalist: A Blanket Scarf – We think there’s no piece of clothing quite as versatile as a blanket scarf. If you’re not familiar with this garment, the blanket scarf is an oversized square scarf that can be worn in a ton of different ways. You can tie it around the neck like a regular scarf in the fall and winter or wear it as a cozy wrap or blanket when you travel. Blanket scarves in breezy materials also work well as beach cover-ups since they can be tied like skirts around the waist.


5) For the Budding Chef: A Food Processor – When it comes to kitchen appliances, no tool does more than the food processor. A high-quality one can tackle tons of different cooking and food prep tasks, including chopping, pureeing, shredding, grating, slicing, mincing, blending, kneading, churning and so much more. Not only will your favorite home chef be able to easily prep veggies for cooking soups and stir-fries, but they’ll also be able to whip up delicious smoothies and juices.



6) For the Beer-Lover: A Bottle Opener Belt Buckle – Don’t stuff stockings with boring single-use bottle openers! There are so many multipurpose bottle opener options that kill two (or more) birds with one stone. For example, you can give the gift of a stylish bottle opener belt buckle so your giftee always has an opening device with them wherever they go. You’ll also find bottle opener keychains, rings and even cards that slide into a wallet slot, so you always have one on hand.


7) For the Techy Homeowner: A Smart Hub – If your recipient doesn’t already have a smart phone hub (think: Google Nest, Amazon Echo, etc.), this is one of the best do-it-all gifts to give. These amazing little devices serve as search consoles, Bluetooth speakers, kitchen timers, personal assistants and so much more. You can even pair them with compatible accessories such as light bulbs and thermostats to help your recipient build a high-tech smart home.


8) For the Techy Minimalist: A Wallet Phone Case – Simplify cargo by giving the gift of a multipurpose phone case that also stores your recipient’s cash, credit cards and ID. This gift is perfect for the minimalist who doesn’t love carrying a purse or having a big wallet in their back pocket. You could also give the gift of a trendy clutch phone case if your recipient loves to dress up and go out.


9) For the Jet-Setter: A Suitcase with a Power Bank – A phone-charging suitcase is one of the most convenient travel essentials because it provides you with a power boost when you need it the most. Most of these suitcases feature removable power banks that you can use to charge your phone, headphones, tablet, camera, etc. wirelessly, so they’re perfect for long flights, train rides, camping and more.


10) For the Fitness Fanatic: A Resistance Band – Any recipient who wants to build a fully equipped home gym with as little equipment as possible will need at least one resistant band in their stash! These handy and surprisingly affordable little elastic devices can help you tone your entire body without a single free weight. They help you build muscle, stretch better and increase muscle mass, so they’re perfect for home fitness fanatics looking for new ways to get a good workout.



What’s better than one gift? One gift that does a whole lot more than one thing! If you’re in the market for a thoughtful multipurpose present that ticks a ton of boxes, give something from our great list above.

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