Earlier this year San Francisco hosted its 2016 Annual Spirits Competition.  While it seems just about every home hack with a backyard still can enter the competition, we will assume the judging and awards are tip top.  Since we are not a bunch of Moscow Mules shaving peach fuzz into our cocktails, our interest lied in the brown booze awards, whiskey and bourbon.   And since we are always trying to provide some style and quality tips we thought we would provide you with:

Five Award Winning Whiskeys Not Named Jack, Jim or Jameson

Each one of these spirits was awarded the highest double-gold medal at the 2016 Spirits Competition in San Francisco.



1. Bearded Lady – American Bourbon – $40

An Indiana based bourbon since 1847, their massive distillery produces one of the most robust, full-bodied bourbons available. The powerful, rich and smooth characteristics of Bearded Lady is not for wimps, hence Bearded Lady. It’s aged in charred American oak barrels giving it a nice smokey flavor with hints of vanilla and rye.



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