As I take in a lazy Sunday afternoon casually watching the Elite-8 games of March Madness, I think about my month long pending writing assignment. I’ve been trying to come up with an engaging topic to write for our partner and good friend, Duraflame.

The thought of writing an article about how one should light a fire seemed extremely boring and a total cop out on my professional commitment.  I saw other articles about how to decorate a fireplace mantel – also a bit lacking in my opinion. Who am I to tell someone how to decorate their house?  It reminds me of the strangers that approach you at restaurants and say “Order the sea bass, you will love it”.  Really? Because you know me so well? I can say however, that it was useful to learn the proper spelling of mantel and also what a mantle is.

Up against the clock as March winds down I have decided to take a different approach to my article. Last Friday while having tacos and tequila at our favorite beach bar, my good pal Dave mentioned that a friend of his was in a vintage Duraflame commercial about a decade ago. This is typical conversation when you live in Los Angeles. Your neighbors are in commercials, you see actors buying toilet paper and you drink good tequila.  That got me thinking about the Duraflame brand and their products and how they are a little different than most American companies – they have a sense of humor.

Perhaps you need to look at the history of Duraflame to understand the brand.  Duraflame used to produce the wood that would eventually be used to make pencils in the sixties.  A Stockton California company, with its headquarters on a ferry boat, they once were producing enough wood to make 4 million pencils per day.  That’s a lot of wood.  Noticing all the wood chips and wanting to somehow recycle or put them to good use, they embarked on a two year R&D project that eventually produced the firelog.

The Duraflame firelog is made from recycled wood chips, sawdust, plant wax, and other recycled natural ingredients making it 100% green. This all happened long before the term “green” became part of our lexicon.  Not only did Duraflame figure out a great way to recycle their waste and create a useful product for America, they also did what companies like Polaroid, Blockbuster & Tower Records could not do – survive the internet boom.

Maybe this is why the company has a sense of humor, they successfully bridged the technological advances of the nineties that put so many companies out of business, (seriously, how Kodak or Polaroid didn’t invent Instagram is shocking).  But Duraflame has done more than survive, they are thriving.  Their products are incredibly useful, convenient and properly priced for all consumers.  In addition they are environmentally superior to burning natural, corded wood. Hell even Suburu and Prius drivers love Duraflame!

So the next time you are gearing up for a cozy evening, consider inviting Duraflame.  They are the perfect addition to any event.  They require no attention allowing you to spend more quality time with your primary guests.

Thanks for reading and supporting our sponsors!

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