Greek islands are one of the most iconic and awesome travel destinations. Mykonos and Santorini are always mentioned as the hottest places to visit in summer. Although we do understand and support the hype, there are more Greek islands that deserve to be in the spotlight. As you probably can tell from the title, one such place is Crete. Crete is the largest island in Greece, and it is located in the southern part of the country.

The question: “Is Crete worth visiting?” can be quickly and confidently answered with an enthusiastic Yes! Here are our 4 reasons to visit Crete right now!

Reason 1: Crete is an amazing destination all year round

Crete is a cool place to visit in all seasons. Most visitors travel to Crete in summer as the weather is super nice and they can spend their whole days on a beautiful beach. However, the sun is shining all year round, and winters are pretty mild. Ski lovers will not be disappointed though as they can enjoy their favorite sport in Mountain Ida. Archaeological, natural and all kinds of interesting sites are open for visitors almost all year so that tourists can always have something cool to do in Crete.

Reason 2: Crete is an astonishingly breathtaking island

The natural beauty of the whole island makes Crete stand out. You are warned that you will have to travel from one beautiful place to another. Most visitors hire a car before they even reach the island, so that they can be certain that they will get to see as much of the large island as possible. The list of recommended locations to drive to include beaches, gorges, mountains, traditional villages and so much more. Enjoy Travel is the perfect website to go to in order to discover and hire a car in which you feel comfortable and confident to drive in Crete. Where should you go once you have picked up your hire car? Elafonisi beach, Samaria gorge, the Dikteon cave and the mountain Psiloritis are just a few examples of places you need to visit.

Reason 3: Cretan Culture

In addition to all the above, Crete is famous for its culture. Folk music, dances, the Cretan dialect and the local customs will amaze you. Going to villages around the island and talking with the locals at the kafenio, which is the central coffee shop where mostly older men spend their mornings, or the taverns are excellent ways to immerse yourself in the distinctive and unique Cretan culture. Sfakia, Anogia and Krasi are important stops in your itinerary.

Reason 4: Food in Crete

It is guaranteed that you will fall in love with the Cretan cuisine. The simplicity and the freshness of the ingredients will blow your mind. You should definitely try local cheeses, paximadi, which is similar to rusk, and raki, a strong alcoholic drink. At a tavern in Crete, you must order dakos, chochlioi boubouristi, which is fried snails, gamopilafo, which is rice, and kaltsounia, which is a cheese pie.

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